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Sustainability in the Insulation Industry

Sustainability in the Insulation Industry

Insulation products contribute to sustainable buildings by reducing the amount of energy needed to keep buildings comfortable for living. Another way insulation products are becoming more sustainable is through the use of recycled resources. Energy is required to produce, harvest, or mine new materials, but using recycled material reduces the amount of new, energy intensive materials needed during production.

One of our suppliers, Johns Mansville is taking steps to increase its sustainable business practices by using recycled resources, reducing land-filled waste, and monitoring water use and gaseous emissions. JM plants recycle metal, cardboard, wood pallets, PVC, and plastic wrap to reduce landfill waste. JM plants use pre- and post-consumer materials, including recycled glass, scrap fiberglass, rubber, newsprint, and PET plastic in insulation manufacturing processes.

Other important factors in sustainability include impacts on human health and product longevity. We trust Johns Mansville fiberglass insulation and its positive impact on indoor air quality and human health because it is an effective barrier to heat transfer, reduces sound transmission through walls, doesn’t rot, mildew, or deteriorate, and is non-corrosive to pipes, wiring and metal studs. JM fiberglass insulation maintains its functional integrity and effectiveness – the stable bonded glass fibers will not slump, settle, or break down within wall cavities. JM was one of the first companies to produce a full line of formaldehyde-free insulation products in the early 2000’s. They use bio-based binders made from renewable plant-based materials that don’t off-gas formaldehyde in the indoor environment.

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