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Insufficient Attic Insulation

Insufficient Attic Insulation

Is Heat Leaking Through Your Roof?

If you see that the snow on your roof is melting before the snow on your neighbor’s, you might have heat leaking through your roof. If you don’t have any or enough attic insulation, the snow on your roof will melt quickly and evenly. However, if the snow on your roof melts in some areas more quickly than in others areas, there are specific areas where heat is leaking through your insulated building envelope. Places where heat might be escaping from your heated spaces include recessed lighting fixtures, a leaky attic door seal, gaps in fiberglass insulation, and bathroom vents. There are ways to insulate and air seal in these areas in order to reduce heat loss.

Heat loss through the roof is not just a comfort issue, but it could mean water leakage is damaging your walls and ceiling. When snow is melting quickly on your roof, but then refreezing into ice because it’s so cold outside, the ice dams that form can cause the melted water to back up between your roof shingles and leak into your ceilings and walls. A well-insulated attic or roof can remedy this problem.

Next time it snows, be sure to keep an eye on your roof for a few days and call Urban Insulation for a quote if it looks like you need more attic insulation.


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